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Blockchain and Digital Marketing


Technology is always known to leave an impact on aspects and bring about a change while doing so. This overlap may be planned or unplanned, but it still occurs regardless of the kind of outcome. In recent times, a similar overlap has been witnessed between Blockchain and Digital marketing. Although, one may argue about other implications and how their influence is significant, ignoring Blockchain does not seem to be the way forward. So, to take things on a specific route, here’s how Blockchain is changing digital marketing.

The Right Mode of Authentication

E-commerce has always been about marketing and how you get influenced by the various forms of pricing. In the midst of this, companies could not figure out the source or the manufacturer and look deeper into its forms of authentication. But thanks to Blockchain, companies and firms are well aware of the source and thus, provides the scope for validation. You can get the right form of product and keep the fake ones at bay. There are numerous forms of marketing that will misguide you into buying stuff that is not real. Hence, this positive impact of Blockchain tends to make all the difference.


Power Lies with You

A lot of arguments and debates had surfaced when companies and firms took all your information while you wanted to buy a single product. Although this was done to personally market a type of product, in the end, it is still an invasion of your private space. By doing so, the power that a consumer requires is being driven by the manufacturer, and there was nothing you could do about the same. But, the introduction of Blockchain brought about a change, and you are now exposed to more information. They tend to change the norms of digital marketing by not letting companies take information away from your hands.

Digital Marketing

The Eliminator

Apart from the aspects of authentication and power, there is another aspect of Blockchain that deems to make it the eliminator. Blockchain tends to create a chain of command when it comes to all forms of marketing and the entire procedure involved in the process. There were numerous companies that made their living by verifying ad metrics and other such procedures. But that very need seems to be irrelevant, due to the power of Bitcoin. Companies that ran on this source might be out of business since Blockchain runs the game now. This disruptive aspect of Blockchain is one of the main reasons why people are voting against its implementation in numerous countries.

Business Blockchain


Disregarding Blockchain as a technology is an act that does not make sense in certain levels. In the end, it has offered us with both advantages and disadvantages. The role that it plays in our lives can be controlled since we are the ones who need to make a decision.